Biofuel Centrifuges

Top Quality Centrifuge Equipment Designed for the Biofuels Industry

One of the most important changes in the area of energy in the 21st century has been the frequent use of ethanol as fuel for motor vehicles. Rising fuel prices and the development of new technologies has accelerated demand and efficiency for biofuels respectively, and the production of biofuels in the US, Europe, and globally relies heavily on the use of centrifuges.

The centrifuge is one of the most critical components in the process of producing ethanol, bio-diesel and other biofuels, which carries out the separation of solid material (organic). To that end, KS strives to provide top quality equipment durability designed specifically for the transformation of raw materials into biofuels.

  • Production of ethanol
  • Production of Bio-diesel.

With the introduction of new processes and alternate materials used to create biofuel and biodiesel, the market is expanding rapidly. KS offers you the versatility to manage your equipment and add new or used centrifuges as your production volume grows to meet the ever-growing demand.

centrifuges for biofuels industry

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Indeed, if you currently are utilizing another brand of centrifuge equipment, take the time to contact us to see what our professional team can offer to you in the way of repair and service. We are committed to providing all of your centrifuge repair and service needs not only today but into the future as well.