New & Used Centrifuge Parts

Extensive Inventory of Quality New and Used Centrifuge Machine Parts

In addition to providing comprehensive repair and maintenance services, Kubco maintains an extensive inventory of quality centrifuge parts. We not only stock an in-depth catalog of parts for our centrifuges, we also carry an extensive inventory of parts for all major manufacturers, such as Derrick, Alfa Laval, Flottweg, Sharples, Bird and others.

Kubco keeps high levels of inventory for centrifuge machine parts that have a tendency to wear out faster. In particular, we stock a deep inventory of parts of centrifuge machines which are located near the most abrasive areas of the centrifuge, such as tungsten carbide tiles. Kubco also carries an array of other frequently changed parts such as bearings, seals, stellite wear inserts, and many others.

Among our primary concerns when working with our partners is ensuring your centrifuge equipment remains in prime operating condition. We will work closely with you to ensure that your centrifuge keeps running effectively. We understand any down time means loss of revenue and operational efficiency. To that end, we stock the necessary parts for proper upkeep, maintenance, and to ensure any contingencies that may come up, are dealt with as quickly as possible.

No matter what your part needs may be at any given point in time, Kubco has the personnel and expertise to evaluate your centrifuge machinery and make the necessary recommendations for service and repair.

new used centrifuge parts

Kubco maintains an extensive inventory of centrifuge parts.

To complement our commitment to repair and service solutions, Kubco has an extensive inventory of parts for significant centrifuge brands. Contact our professionals for a consultation on your parts needs and shipping options.