Kubco K-2460 Centrifuge

Stainless Steel Centrifuge Package

Kubco's model K-2460 features a stainless-steel centrifuge package. It's 24" bowl diameter, and 60" bowl length supports a broad range of applications and industries such as Oilfield Solids Control, Bio Fuel, Wastewater Management, Beverage, Petrochemical, Foods, and Metal & Minerals. The K-2460's 75 horsepower main drive motor is capable is generating a maximum of speed of 2,300 RPM with a maximum G-force of 1,963.

Available Options

  • Fixed Speed with torque out device
  • Main drive variable speed only with torque out device
  • Main drive, back drive, and pump drive variable speed

Product Specifications

MaterialCarbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Conveyor TypeRadial Flow or Axial Flow
Bowl Diameter 24 "
Bowl Length 60 "
Maximum Speed 2400 RPM
Maximum G-Force 1963 G
Conveyor Wear Protection OPTIONAL: Hard Surface or Tungsten Tiles
Conveyor Lead & Pitch Double 9"
Gear Unit Type SA-69 (planetary)
Gear Unit Ratio 80:1 or 140:1
Torque Out Style Shear Pin
Pool Depth Setting 4 Adjustable 360 Degree Dams
Main Drive Motor 75 HP
Back Drive Motor OPTIONAL
Kubco K2-2460 New Centrifuge
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